The main colors of our products are: RAL 7016, RAL 8017, RAL 9006 and RAL 9016. See the RAL catalog HERE.

You will find doors with various panels and decorations to choose from. As a result of continuous technological development, good durability and safety conditions have been achieved. The gate panels are equipped with protection against finger trapping and seals to ensure insulation. We offer several garage and sectional door options.

TL – sectional doors

TL – a sectional door is made of 4 cm thick polyurethane-filled “sandwich” segments. The segments have 10 cm wide strips on their surface, which give a uniform impression to the surface. Such type of garage doors can be up to 6m wide and 3m high.

TLC – garage doors

TLC panel doors are perfect for both traditional and modern style buildings. The uniform distribution of design elements on the segments gives the door a finished look. TLC panel garage doors can be produced up to 6m wide and 3m high.

TLS – smooth surface garage door

TLS – a flat-surface garage door with a special design. The external sheet-metal cover is 50% thicker than standard, giving this product a particularly flat and smooth surface. This type of door design fits well with modern building exteriors. TLS doors can be produced up to 6m wide and 3m high.

TLW & TLGW – wood imitation

TLW wood imitation door sections are covered with a UV-resistant PVC coating. The possibility of multiple colors not only provides the opportunity to choose a suitable color tone, but also provides additional protection against environmental influences. TLW garage doors can be produced up to 6m wide and 3m high.

Retro garage doors


TLP is a type of industrial segment gate made of 4 cm thick polyurethane-filled “sandwich” segments. The segments have 10 cm wide strips on the surface, which, together with the rigid profiles, make the TLP gate sections one of the strongest gate products on the market. Due to these properties, gates up to 50 m² can be produced.

TLPW is a type of industrial gate with a wood imitation finish. These gates are also made of 4 cm thick polyurethane-filled “sandwich” segments, with 10 cm wide strips on the surface and rigid profiles that make them strong. The gate sections are covered with a PVC coating that is resistant to ultraviolet radiation. The coating is available in several colors, providing not only the opportunity to choose the appropriate color but also providing additional protection against environmental impacts.

TL-FV is a type of panoramic industrial gate that is essential for spaces where natural lighting is necessary or where an exhibition is set up. The transparent part of the gate – the windows – is mounted on a lightweight aluminum frame. Doors can be installed even in gates where all segments are panoramic. The maximum dimensions for panoramic gates are: width 6 m, height 5 m. If larger gates are required, it is important to consult with specialists.

TLT – Industrial ventilation doors are made using perforated steel and aluminum. Such doors allow air and light to pass through, making them suitable for use in underground garages or rooms where ventilation is necessary and thermal insulation is not important.

Stainless steel


“Clear glass”

Frosted glass

Matte glass


Acrylic package












EURO-GYS 150 400V

Lifts up to 45m2.


LM 3800

Lifting height up to 3m.
Lifts up to 15m2.






LM 5580

Lifting height up to 3.3m.
Lifts up to 12m2.



Lifting height up to 3.45m
Lifts up to 13m2.